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Pauline Blankenberg-ter Kuile      +31 (0)6 54 79 47 10 

Kerkplein 2, NL-6672 LB Hemmen (onder Wageningen in de Betuwe)

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Coffee catering

Mobile espresso bar using a converted Piaggio Vespacar P1200 of 1982.

Our Piaggio Vespacar  used to belong to a shepherd who chugged around the Côte d’Azur in it for thirty years, transporting sheep. We bought the Vespacar from him in 2012 and recently had it converted into a mobile coffee bar equipped with a twin-group Faema E61 espresso machine capable of making 250 espressos, cappuccinos or Americanos per hour. We use our own excellent coffee blend.


For wedding parties large and small, events such as company openings and celebrations, we are the coffee caterers you need.


The Piaggio can be used at any location where water and electricity is available (1 group, 16 Amps - 230 volts. Cakes, biscuits, buns as well as other drinks can be served if required.


If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail:


+31 (0)6 54 79 47 10.

or send me a message through Facebook using the pictogram below.


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